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I’ve had people insist that I used 3d an photos, despite my assertion that I haven’t. You can see the thread here But this isn’t for them. This is for people that like to see the process of an illustration. I tried to break it down, but if there are any questions, please ask. I have no problem with artists using photos or 3d in their digital work, so when I say I didn’t use photos or 3d for this image, it was that I wanted to see what I could accomplish on my own (with a couple of filters at the end). And if after this process post people still refuse to believe that I didn’t use photos or 3d….. I will take that as a compliment.


Sailor Moon’s ULTIMATE final form.

Sailor Moon was my gateway to anime. In middle school I was obsessed, I would get up at 6 am to watch it and usually miss my bus to see the whole episode. We didn’t have a computer and the internet wasn’t commonplace yet (I’m OLD) so I had no real way of getting my hands on new SM episodes or movies.

Every once in a while I’d catch a glimpse of a poster or some merch that had Sailor Moon in a CRAZY new outfit surrounded by Sailor Senshi I’d NEVER seen. This lead me to believe the show had 5 million seasons and that eventually Sailor Moon’s outfit would reach some insane high level form that I could only imagine. So basically, here is that.

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